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SHA Board meetings take place once per month. For date and location, please contact




Membership:  Our events are brought to you by dues paying members.  If you've paid your dues for this year - THANK YOU!  If you haven't yet, please contact Dave O'Donahoe at  - $10 for a household membership


The Sumner Hill Historic District is located in the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood of Boston, approximately seven miles southwest of the city center, in an area roughly bounded by Seaverns Avenue, Centre Street, South Street, Carolina Avenue, and the Southwest Corridor. The district, which encompasses 365 acres, contains 63 buildings and 18 structures, of which 28 buildings are designated as non-contributing due primarily to severe alteration, temporary nature, or recent age rather than intrusion. In the following description, the district's architectural development is described chronologically by style with selected buildings offered as outstanding and/or characteristic examples of particular styles.

Association Mission

The purposes of the association shall be to foster community, to respect and preserve the historic, residential character of the neighborhood, to help maintain a safe environment for our residents, and to provide a forum for the discussion of issues related (but not restricted) to zoning and development within the association boundaries and contiguous areas.

Board Meetings

Board meetings take place once each month. All SHA members are welcome at any time. If you have an issue you would like to raise with the board, or would just like to come by to listen or take part, please join us. For the date and location of the next board meeting, please send a note to President@SumnerHillAssociation. To contact the whole board, please send a note to


Any person or organization owning property or residing in the Sumner Hill district shall be eligible for membership in person or by formally appointed representative.

Membership dues are $10/year.

Send dues to Sumner Hill Association Treasurer / PO Box 300467 / Jamaica Plain 02130

Such dues shall be considered voluntary contributions to the Association, and non—payment shall in no way exclude a resident of th Sumner Hill area from membership in the Association or full participation in its meetings or activities.


The SHA bylaws were amended at the September 21, 2011 annual meeting. The text of the current bylaws can be viwed here





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